Bristles   rotates   up   and   down   Automatically.
It   brushes   your   teeth   gently   to   remove   bacteria   and   freshen   breath.
Gentle on gum, strong on plaque
The result after thousands of tests, Giggo set the speed based on perfect strength to apply on gum and tooth,
Control direction
Rotation direction control
Diameter of our special brushed nylon bristle, make sure they goes into the gap between each tooth, leave nothing but a comfortable experience behind
Compliant with IPX7, Giggo is fully waterproofed, from brush head, to the soft,anti-skid handle.
Works 2 months
By one single charge of 5-6 hours, in our Induction charging base.
Place your toothbrush at a 45┬░to your gumline, brush in up and down motion, focus on a couple teeth at a time, clean the gaps and corners of each tooth. This is the Bass brushing method, scientifically proven way to keep your mouth clean and health. Giggo stimulate this technique and makes it easy for everyone to use it.
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With Giggo, it's way easier to keep your family's teeth and gums healthy, Their sparking smiles, being able to chew for good nutrition. avoiding toothaches and discomfort. Giggo, your oral guardian.